Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Designer as obsessive horder of stuff

Sooner or later designers like to talk about their stuff. I don't mean their portfolios, but all the stuff they collect to inspire their design. It is a terrible affliction that we all share and it sometimes helps to discuss the various ways that the stuff is dealt with.

Here is just one of many bookshelves brimming with my stuff:

I also have a large flat file of my stuff and a large file cabinet. Some of my stuff sits around for years without even being noticed, but that doesn't stop me from picking up that great scrape of wall paper on the sidewalk, or beautifully illustrated postcard in an antique store. I have decided that it all mingles in my psyche somewhere to find it's way into my work which justifies the continuation of this activity.

Recently I started to go through an overflowing pile of paper samples, ribbon, corrugated cardboard, and scrapes I intended to get rid of. Here is my pile:
Like most collectors I couldn't bring myself to throw it out, so I started putting  these scrapes together to make cards. I make one card every day. When I get enough cards, I might sell them and donate the money to a worthy environmental group. I like the idea of moving some of my stuff out into the world and helping the environment. It is good for my karma.
Of course A few things make their way back into my folder for safe keeping, because after all I have to keep some of my stuff.

Here are a few of my new creations:

Let me know what you think? Until next time...keep collecting - that way I won't see it!

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