Sunday, July 3, 2011

Who's at the Farmer's Market - EVERYONE

Two years ago, I was asked to design a logo for a new, local farmers market. It was a fun project which has become more than just a nice design piece.
The market has been going strong and just opened for it's third season. It has transformed the Delmar Saturday morning routine. From 9am-1pm, the market is open and everyone is there.The market has become not only a great place to get wonderful food, but the social center of the town. Who knew!
     Farmer's markets are popping up everywhere which is great for small, local farmers and our eating habits. But I think what brings people back week after week is the social scene. There are few opportunities in our busy, car centered lives to run into friends and neighbors for an informal chat. The chance meetings of friends on the street are rare. Just like play dates, we have to plan our casual get togethers. But everyone comes to the farmer's market and it has unknowingly provided the lost art of socializing. From the looks of things, this is an aspect of our lives that people have deeply missed. 
     One down side to this new found talk-fest is that you can't take a quick trip to the market. There is no way to run in for a pick of the fresh strawberries and snap peas and out. You have to slow down and plan at least an hour. But I tend to go at a fever pitch most days, so being required to put aside an hour or two to take part in a community ritual is probably the healthiest thing I take away from the market.
     So, the design of this logo has become much more meaningful to me than just a fun project. I am very proud to be part of this new phenomenon and I hope it stays around forever. If you don't have a farmer's market in your town - start one. I will throw in the logo - pro bono! Promise.
For market info:  (I did not design the website).

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