Monday, July 25, 2011

Everyone enjoys a good fog

I just returned from our annual family vacation to the upper reaches of the Maine coast. The further up you go, the fewer tourists you find - except Bar Harbor of course. The Maine coast is for people who love rocks, solitude, kayaking, and really, really, cold water. It is the kind of water that if you take a swim, you feel there should be a podium with a big gold medal waiting for you when you get out.

Though there are not many things more wonderful than a crisp, sunny day in Maine, I would put fog ahead of sun any day. Fog is like snow. When it settles over the world, everything becomes quiet and mysterious. The ocean becomes very still. The  sound of the Mark Island fog horn is a bit louder, the engines of the Lobster Boats echo over the invisible ocean, and the seagulls appear out of the gloom and then disappear. All your senses become  heightened and you pay attention to the details of the world around you. Spiderwebs are thick with dew and the woods creates wonderful patterns. It is great.

Even though kayaking in the fog is a rather stupid thing to do, our cove is relatively safe if you hug the coastline. When you paddle out just a few yards, everything disappears and you really lose your sense of direction almost immediately. Then a breeze will blow and the cottage will briefly appear and then disappear. It is a wonderfully unnerving thing to do because you become completely disconnected from the world for a little while. It is like meditating.

So I love the fog. I wish I could have more fog in my life. I recommend it to everyone.

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